NRCME volunteers are people who give their time freely helping to reflect compassion, generosity, unselfish caring, and love for others. Join the NRCME volunteer group to support migrants and refugees who are less fortunate. There are many benefits available to volunteers, you will meet people from around the world and be involved with helping them to find a peaceful haven within Australia, and learning more about migrants, refuges and asylum seekers


Become an NRCME Volunteer

NRCME encourage volunteers from different walks of life to join our volunteer community. Work with migrants helping them to manage essential skills to adapted to the Australian way of life. There are many different ways in aiding these vulnerable. Our team of volunteers includes highly skilled professionals, students, and past clients.
Volunteering is part of Australian tradition, which encourages building a strong community.

By Volunteering at NRCME you’ll:​

  • Acquire new skills
  • Build networks
  • Gain work experience
  • Acquire knowledge and skills concerning the welfare of migrants
  • Give back to the community

Volunteering is critical part of NRCME mission. With opportunities to explore as a volunteer with many different areas within NRCME. Individuals’ opportunities to help will give you a great feeling by realising they are instrumental in creating an enjoyable life change in other people’s lives.

Current opportunities for volunteers

We work in all states of Australia; you can search by State or Territory and apply to be a part of our community. We welcome volunteer applications from all over Australia, regardless of age, race and educational background. We continue to strive in helping the less fortunate. At NRCME you will have the opportunity to gain experience on a various set of skills, with plenty of options you can find the one best for you.

  • Director Member position

Volunteers opting to apply for this position will be needed to ensure compliance with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), by adhering to the constitution and supplying strategic directions, by doing overall governance. People who are interested in this position will have to provide volunteer services for particular hours each month, along with attending board meetings once quarterly. The timing will be flexible so that volunteers can give their 100% without any hassle. Candidates who are interested in this position should have excellent communication skills and earlier ability as board members will be an added advantage.

  • Administrative Support

At NRCME, we require administrative support personnel, to cope with day-to-day activities. The duties include help in the mail out, data entry, answering telephones, reception, distribution of information and any other administrative duty.

  • Skilled Volunteers needed

To ensure the best quality services, we need highly skilled volunteers in, our IT department, media, finance, managing, consulting, business development, evaluations, social, and public policy research.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us now!

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