Training and skills development services

NRCME plays a critical role in the provision and facilitation of training services for multicultural people. The program helps the migrants to gain the necessary skills and training needed to secure employment in Australia. Our organization helps migrants to access diverse skills development and training services which include:

  • Provision of information and support services on training opportunities available for migrants to gain skills, giving them the courage to attend interview for a prospective job, and an assistance to write a resume’ for employment prior to their relocation to Australia.
  • Career planning services, training pathways, and how to settle new career goals which all helps migrants in looking to find a compatible job opportunity in Australia.
  • Facilitation of entry requirement information, through learning training courses which are available, and learn essential information regarding necessary qualifications.
  • Guidance with learning language through training opportunities to enables migrants to meet the language requirements needed for employment in Australia.
  • Referral of migrants for training opportunities through different organizations and government agencies.

NCRME arranges training workshops for multicultural people helping to enhance an opportunity to secure employment. These training workshops cover subjects as professional writing, interview skills, and giving support in contacting potential employers.

Among the initiatives used by NRCME to help migrants find employment include.

  • Sharing relevant information that empowers migrants and promotes job-hunting skills that guarantee better working conditions and appropriate compensation.
  • Assistance for the migrants to write effective resume’ and cover letters, providing referrals for volunteering and internship opportunities enabling an opportunity for migrants and refugees to meet potential employers through partner networks.
  • Supporting multicultural jobseekers with appropriate qualifications and skills to connect with potential employers seeking to add diversity to their organizations.