Support Migrant and Refugee Entrepreneurs

National Resource Centre for Migrants Empowerment (NRCME) is a hypothetical not-for profit organization based in across Australia and mainly focuses on creating relevant policies that help increase migrant and refugee entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a crucial aspect of the Australian economy, offering locals, migrants, and refugees employment opportunities. However, migrant and refugee entrepreneurs face certain challenges that could be barriers to business success, including many certificates and licenses for small businesses and limited access to capital from the local financial institutions. Therefore, refugees face monumental challenges in starting and running formal businesses within Australia. Other challenges include lack of formal education, social capital (relationships with the local community), and language barriers. Some of them have inadequate knowledge about local markets and regulations. For instance, a study of the Hazara refugees in Adelaide has faced similar challenges and started their businesses from savings and partnerships with friends. Overall, migrant and refugee entrepreneurs cannot rely on families or communities to establish and run businesses. Therefore, there is a need for a different social enterprise hub for migrant and refugee entrepreneurs.

This program will aim at creating a fair social enterprise system for everyone. This is because of the above disadvantages and barriers that the group faces to help them gain a sustainable income. First, the aim is to provide the group with the relevant resources, financial, entrepreneurial skills, and other readily available resources to help them set up businesses with ease. Giving the disadvantaged migrant and refugee loans at zero interest rates will be crucial as it will encourage creativity and innovation. Through entrepreneurial ventures, they can gain adequate income to support their families and reduce poverty levels.