Mental health and well being

NRCME offers information and supports newly arrived migrants and refugees. The organization is involved in humanitarian services and long-term aid with citizenship and residence issues in Australia. The organization’s main focus is to offer services and information relating to employment, education, and entrepreneurship. NRCME helps in the integration of distressed undocumented and documented migrants in health services and assists the migrants in getting legal aid.

NRCME is a local organization that helps migrants with information on training, counselling, and referral services to ensure they are legally recognized as migrants and safely reintegrated. The organization helps address welfare concerns, facilitating employment of the youth and processing complaints of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

NRCME ensures efficient reintegration of the migrants through available resources and diverse support networks, which help reduce the negative consequences of migration. The organization offers a wide range of services that vary by state and area according to the demands of clients.

The organization is committed to providing independent and unbiased information, consulting, and outreach services that assist immigrants and migrants to learn about their new homes, participate in local programs such as Medicare, schools, neighbourhood networks, which help them improve their English, learning new skills, find careers and volunteer opportunities.

The NRCME settlement program focuses on nurturing community leadership, fostering shared community aspirations, and the participation of migrants in socioeconomic activities and all positive aspects of life in Australia.