Returning skilled migrants Service

NRCME provides specialized services in the reintegration of skilled migrants. The organization helps skilled migrants to secure employment in the domestic labor market. The returning migrants get information on employment opportunities, assistance in job interview preparations, and referrals through the organization’s network.

The organization supports returning migrants who have grievances against their employers to get legal redress against their employers. NRCME walks the returning migrants through the different social, economic, and psychological challenges they might encounter in Australia. The organization helps the returning migrants to adapt to the new changes and environment by offering the following services;

  • Helping in securing temporary accommodation, food, and other humanitarian support services and networks for the returning migrants with no funding.
  • Providing relevant information on job search, the opportunities available, the career pathways that guarantee employment opportunities, a good work environment, and decent pay.
  • Overing job matching services for the skilled returning migrants to ensure optimal use of the knowledge and experience gained from overseas employment.
  • Supporting the integration of returning migrants into the health system and social support services needed for their welfare.
  • Provision of psychological support services and counseling to the returning migrants as well as referral to mental and physical health support services needed for their wellbeing.