Not Eligible for the NDIS?

NRCME’s also work to cover migrants and refugees who are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This initiative is to minimize barriers and exclusions which arise due to the migrant’s residence status. For example, migrants who are new to Australia may not be eligible for an approved NDIS service on arrival or may not be meet the current criteria. It is extremely important they are protected and do not feel discriminated against.

NRCME ensures families are not overwhelmed by the assistance that a disabled person requires in their everyday life. NRCME will provide and assist a disabled person with the correct equipment allowing them to access the community at large, communicate effectively with family and other people allowing them to have an active life, through this quality services. NRCME’s disabilities provision includes services such as home domestic care and social inclusion programs.

not Eligible for NDIS