Migrant Workers

NRCME offers direct support to migrant employees that are at risk of exploitation and abuse. The organization helps in supporting low-skilled migrants that are vulnerable to workplace exploitations and other forms of abuse. Migrant employees at the risk of exploitation or experiencing any forms of rights violations have access to several services from NRCME that are crucial in addressing or minimizing the risk of exploitation and rights abuse.  The services include;

  • Provision of accurate information on ethical employment procedures that helps both the migrants and prospective migrants have good knowledge about their employment rights, contractual provisions and entitlements, and the rights to seek legal redress in the event of exploitation and rights abuse.
  • Guidance to the migrant workers on how to resolve employment related disputes including breach of contract by the employers such as non-payment, exploitation, assault or workplace abuse.
  • Offering information on consular assistance, trade union engagement procedures, and accessing legal services.
  • Support in handling documentation issues and other non-work-related concerns such as access to proper housing and healthcare services in the country of work.

In some instances, skilled migrants find themselves in jobs that do not match their qualifications and skills.  NRCME plays a significant role in providing accurate information to such skilled workers as well as help them to register in professional bodies to ensure effective job matching and utilization of skills and competencies.

NRCME provides information on how to avoid extreme forms of exploitation such as sexual exploitation and forced labour to help reduce the risk of migrants and create awareness about legal migration practices.