Mental Health and Wellbeing


Youths between 15 and 24 years are more susceptible to serious mental issues due to the decisions they are required to make, leading to a series of mental health crises and a state of psychological distress.  

The NCRME, as professional volunteers offer therapies to prevent youth self-harm, suicide, or strategies for coping with depression.  Our experienced and highly skilled professionals and volunteer, possess relevant skills that help them understand the youths and deliver age-appropriate care for their mental health and well being to the youths. Through the training sessions, our staff effectively communicate with the youth, actively discussing the importance of healthy activities like exercise and healthy diets, which contributes to positive self-image and a healthier mental state of well-being. Generally, therapies, sports, and physical activities are crucial to the success of these programs, as they enhance the quality of life and improving social relationships and fostering new and ongoing partnerships in the future.