Keeping Children Safe in Emergencies


Children’s safety is also an important consideration at NRCME, and we focus on this by ensuring that all children are protected during all forms of emergencies, including natural disasters. At NCRME keeping children from all forms of emergency is inspired by the long-term mental and emotional impacts of such situations on the children, especially from their young ages. This includes offering safety and protection for the children during calamities like bushfires and prioritizing affected children as essential and ensuring that all their socio-emotional needs are met throughout the crisis.


The NCRME understands the uniqueness of children’s needs during such emergencies and the need to have a well-coordinated and structured partnerships between the local communities, in order to protect children as much as is possible, from all forms of trauma and physical injuries that could come with such emergencies.  At NRCMEkeeping the multicultural children safe involves using our professionals to provide new techniques and examples of how to include the children’s needs and rights in our emergency management and response plan. NRCME creates a collaborative force, with other organisations, to develop a strategy for keeping children safe under such circumstances. This is offered in the form of a three-hour training offered to our professionals annually to increase their preparedness.