Guide for New Migrants

The NRCME’s primary purpose is to facilitate the smooth integration of migrants into the mainstream Australian population. NRCME do this assisting and raising public awareness of factors, including migrant health and wellbeing and assisting cultural challenges that migrants face, including language barriers especially with access to education.

NRCME continue to promote migrant interaction with the Australian population through holding events and activities designed for migrants to meet and engage with each other including the Australian community promoting confidence and familiarity for them as they start their new life while continuing to maintain and promote the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity,

This program aims to offer potential migrants the necessary information needed to help in decision-making upon arrival in Australia. NRCME focuses on providing accurate, impartial, and relevant information to prospective migrants. The information provided by NRCME is of high quality and coordinated to ensure that the potential migrants have all they need to make critical decisions about their stay in Australia.

The new arrival guide, advice, and orientation program help in guiding the potential migrants in Australia upon their arrival. The information is important in the effective coordination of activities by the migrants upon arrival in Australia.

Potential migrants are able to benefit from the program in several positive ways that will help them navigate the Australian system safely and legally.

Among the orientation and advice services offered in the new arrival guide program include.

  • The rights of migrants, how the rights are protected under the Australian law, and ways of seeking legal redress.
  • The measures used in matching jobs, the recruitment process, job-related advice, and entrepreneurship.
  • Migrants have access to advice on professional and skills development as well as the language training that is essential for job matching and recruitment.
  • The study in Australia programs, how the different competencies are recognized and the Australian culture.