What are the benefits of the social programs at National Resource Centre for Migrants Empowerment (NRCME)?

NRCME aims at providing the beneficiaries with industry relevant educational and training skills that can improve their socio-economic status. These educational programs also serve as a service for helping migrants to fill out their important paperwork assisting them to understand banking, settlement assistance and Jobseekers.

  1. These participants have an opportunity to learn coping methods to better equip them to deal with their past traumatizing experiences, by improving their mental health and well-being.
  2. These programs help improve the living conditions of the migrants and refugees through potential entrepreneurship and promoting greater awareness and knowledge of their rights with need for a cohesive and united family.

Who is eligible for the National Resource Centre for Migrants Empowerment (NRCME)

  1. Everyone within the migrants and refugees background and a person under the age of 24 years will be considered for the youth programs
    2. All adults from migrant and refugee families will be considered
    3. The public should note that NRCME is a multi-racial and ethnicity organization and there is no form of discrimination in the selection of the beneficiaries.
    4. Finally, these programs help improve creativity and innovation creating more economically independent youths.