Families and Communities

With highly trained and experienced professionals, the NCRME offers free counselling services to multicultural families to enhance their ability to participate, cooperate, and function within the community. Offering social support to the families is also crucial in improving the overall well-being of the family members, including children, ensuring that they work collaboratively to reach common goals.

Mental health and well being

Providing families with opportunities to develop social goals including providing assistance with practical skill development that is relevant to maintaining cohesion, including problem-solving, negotiation, critical thinking, interpersonal and parenting skills. The NCRME also offers additional services, that are aimed reducing participation in criminal activities. These services targeted more towards children and young-adults and are focused on sensitisation on the children’s rights, as well as assisting with self-protective skills and strategies to help them navigate certain challenging and confronting situations. These Counselling services are freely offered to various communities and families, also enable the families to learn and develop coping strategies and mechanisms, to assist in dealing with any adverse past experiences that they may have endured.  The NCRME through its families and communities, services, and programs aims to provide disadvantages and culturally and linguistically diverse families with information on sustainable sources of employment, including entrepreneurship and effective educational training that is appropriate and relevant for the job market.