Jobs and Employment in Australia for Migrants

Skilled migrants

NRCME plays a crucial role in helping refugees in Australia find employment opportunities through ethical employment guidelines that guarantee them decent working conditions, skills, and career development paths. The program involves;

  • Offering the refugees information on employment in Australia.
  • The different strategies in job search and the approaches used by recruiters in job matching.
  • Providing the refugees with information on the job specifications and requirements in different sectors.
  • Educating the refugees on the different processes that are involved in getting work visas and permits.
  • Helping the refugees to recognize the different diplomas and qualifications.

The organization focuses on a number of critical aspects when considering the delivery of information to migrants about working in Australia.

Among the considerations used by NRCME include;

  • The level of knowledge of the refugees about the different obligations and rights in relation to labours practices in Australia. The organization seeks to know the level of understanding of the different national standards and laws on employment, exploitation, and social protection by the refugees before giving the necessary advice.
  • NRCME establishes whether the refugees have information about the different services used to empower vulnerable workers, such as domestic workers at a high risk of harassment, exploitation, and assault, before giving the relevant guidance.
  • The organization helps assess the level of awareness of the immigrants about critical employment aspects such as employment contracts. The organization guides the immigrants about the different employment guidelines and provisions such as the probation period, taxation laws, overtime payment, and the different social security benefits.
  • Guiding the immigrants on the medical and language tests required by employers and the ways to avoid falling into the trap of illegal employment practices.