Children Mental Health and Well-being

At NRCME, our programs ensure multicultural children’s mental health is improved through various forms of activities, including engaging the children in sporting activities and events. NRCME counsellors working hard to identify the main causes of the mental illness issues, including the family structures.

Counselling is NRCME’s main approach to ensure effective communication with the children and listening to their concerns. It is vital to assess the child’s stage of mental illness and recognise the symptoms, such as, long-lasting sadness, irritability, excessive paranoia, and extreme changes in moods including withdrawal, that the children are experiencing. During the counselling sessions, our staff ensure they engage in honest communication with the children and keep adequate records of sessions within a file for every participant, to tracking the children’s mental health and well-being, in addition to providing a tool for staff to ensure their caring responsibilities are manageable. The process our highly skilled and experienced staff gain the children trust through asking them questions to ascertain the children’s trust and use behaviour therapy, including playing games.

Our mental health professionals also help multicultural children to learn about mental illness and create coping strategies for the children to learn and understand about their mental conditions before engaging in training programs which are offered to all the participants freely for six months.