Aged Home Care Services

NRCME teams provide care and support services to the elderly migrant community. The frail and older migrants having a disabilities or language barrier receive care services. We also work in collaboration with different governmental and private organizations to improve the quality of life for the elderly, providing them equal rights in a diverse community.

Senior Age socialization program:

NRCME aim to provide opportunities to Senior’s migrant to socialize with our volunteers and other people. Our volunteer staff will assist them in their daily life activities, such as, music, gardening, exercises, food preparation and other interactive activities.

Seniors Connected-Phone Support Activity: 

Elderly people are prone to feeling lonely as their family members are involved with their own lives and personal matters. To cope with this situation, we designed a senior connected phone support activity, to support and maintain a strong relationship with elderly people.

Our volunteers call their program participants two to five times a week to motivate them and assure them, that we are here to serve them, and we care about them, giving them that they have access to essential services, such as food, home care, transportation, and social engagement programs are provided through funds.

Aged Home Care:

Our teams also provide services of home and community care. We provide short term support to elderly people who are not eligible for necessary aged home care and community education. Our teams work hard to develop cultural responsiveness and reduce the language barrier among the communities