Additional Services

NRCME provides Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People with important insights and guidance on how to access the necessary services that help with daily living.

Some of the additional services that migrants are likely to get from NRCME include:

  • How to reach out to non-governmental organizations, trade unions, other diaspora communities, and associations that can give support during stressful times, or isolation, and assistant when the migrants want to locate a good schools, universities, and social amenities.
  • Helping migrants embrace a healthy living and improving their health literacy.
  • Support for migrants who are experiencing racism, discrimination, and other forms of violations.
  • Assisting the migrants to learn more about the Australian children’s protection legislation.
  • Encouraging migrants to participate actively with the Child and Family Agency gaining the assistance needed to achieve reliable results.
  • Offering good parental advice and practical tips on parenting in Australia. Through sharing information and assistance with mortgage applications, legalisation, medical treatment, and social security payments.
  • Encouraging migrant parents to use existing resources to support their families in education, health, and general wellbeing.
  • Providing families with the tools they need to create sustainable results for their children’s health, wellbeing, and schooling.